Given our strong background in accounting due diligence and transaction advisory services, we have experience with a number of niche aspects of the process. As with all of our services, these specialty services provide data-driven insights for sound investment decisions and streamline buy- and sell-side negotiations.

Data Mining

Using our specialized software and expertise, we extract and summarize relevant data into information that assists buyers and sellers alike. Our data mining helps our client gain a deeper understanding of the financial results of the company by using historical data to gain insights into the underlying business model, as well as provide fact-based arguments to more effectively negotiate the terms of a deal.

Portfolio Company Reviews and Assessments

Our comprehensive and detailed financial backgrounds give us the ability to help monitor and analyze portfolio company performance. We can also perform unique or unusual analyses of portfolio company information as needed.

Financial Statement Audit Preparation

Each of our team members began their careers as financial auditors. As such, we have the ability to assist companies with compiling and preparing the necessary information and analyses that independent auditors will require of management in completing the audit process. Our assistance can significantly shorten the timeframe of an external audit.

Opening Balance Sheet Assistance

In addition to post-closing submission assistance, we can help prepare the opening balance sheet, with the assistance of management, including the application of purchase accounting.

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