Here at SCA, our specialty is accounting due diligence and related transaction advisory services. That’s all we do!!

Our highly-experienced team is completely dedicated to helping private equity funds, lenders, and corporations lower project risks and potential indirect costs. We do this by identifying and communicating key issues related to your deal early on in the process.


Unlike many of our competitors, you can rest assured that the SCA team assisting with your transaction consists entirely of credentialed professionals with considerable transaction services experience. Our expertise and passion results in a high-quality product and service delivery.


  1. Perform a Comprehensive Quality Earnings Analysis. We start by gathering financial information from the target company. We then perform an exhaustive data-driven assessment asking follow-up questions and investigating further to make sure we have a comprehensive view of the company’s situation. The end result is a quality of earnings report covering our detailed findings and analyses.
  2. Net working capital. We assist our client in understanding the net working capital of the target by providing both analysis to set the net working capital target and assistance on detailing the process in the purchase agreement.
  3. Purchase Price Adjustment. During the post-closing true-up process, we assist our clients with preparing the post-closing submission (Buy-Side) or the post-closing dispute notice (Sell-Side).
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