In our sell-side due diligence practice, we focus on strategic recommendations to maximize your sales price, increase the likelihood of a successful sale, and shorten the timeline of the sales process. Drawing from decades of experience in transaction services, we offer an independent perspective on how potential buyers and their diligence advisors will likely view a seller’s accounting and financial information.

Our clients enjoy working with our team because every individual working on your transaction brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Unlike many of our competitors, you won’t find your project staffed with junior people – we only employ CPAs with a strong background in transaction services and auditing. Combined with our passion for the process, we are uniquely positioned to guide your sale to the best possible outcome.

We also have extensive experience working with entrepreneurs. We understand how stressful and confusing it can be to sell a business you have spent decades building. That’s why we work to help you understand what your organization is truly worth and equip you for success at the negotiating table.

Our Sell-Side Due Diligence Services:

  • Normalize earnings
  • Prepare a normalized working capital analysis
  • Assist with financial projects
  • Prepare and maintain data room documents
  • Consult with respect to purchase agreement drafting
  • Post-acquisition dispute assistance

There’s no margin for error when it comes to your accounting due diligence. When you work with SCA, you can rest assured you’re working with an organization solely focused on accounting due diligence and related transaction advisory services. Our experienced, highly qualified team is ready to help you maximize your ROI on your next transaction.

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