Here at SCA Transaction Services, we focus solely on accounting due diligence and other related transaction advisory services. It’s more than just a job to us – we simply love learning what makes different businesses tick. With each and every project, we bring an intellectual curiosity to discovering how organizations work and what makes them unique and successful.

Arming Our Clients With the Data Needed to facilitate Buy- and Sell-Side Negotiations

Our passion is part of why we operate so differently than other firms. Our low-leverage model means that we use small teams of highly experienced professionals for an extreme attention to accounting detail and careful analyses of various aspects of each transaction.

Often the actionable details are down in the weeds. Every member of our staff is a CPA with extensive experience in transaction services and auditing, allowing us to provide deeper insights and critical data in a timely fashion. In fact, we routinely surface deal-breaking issues early in the process, saving our clients from excessive dead deal costs and minimizing transaction risk.

Exceptional Service at Every Step

How your deal professionals interact with the target reflects on your relationship with it. Our extensive experience allows us to skillfully assist with managing the various parties involved, such as shareholders, accounting and management teams and lenders. We tailor each solution to meet your situation. Whether a written report is required or an Excel data workbook, we provide specific products tailored to the particular needs of your project. At every touchpoint, we are here to help guide you toward the best possible outcome for your transaction.

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