Accurate Assessments = Valuable Acquisitions

At SCA, our sole purpose is to provide accounting due diligence and other transaction advisory services to private equity funds, lenders and corporations. We pride ourselves on quickly assessing potential accounting-related deal risks and communicating these critical issues early in the process to limit potential dead deal costs. We provide a tailored approach, delivered by senior deal professionals. No matter your transaction, we’re here to assist you toward your ideal outcome.

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Make Sound Investments with Data-Driven Expert Analyses

In the due diligence process, there’s nothing more valuable than having the right information at the right time. That’s why we only employ highly experienced professionals with specific expertise important to your transaction. Our team members are CPA’s, most of which boast years of experience in transaction services and auditing. Our managing directors bring over one hundred years of combined deal experience. Our experience gives us the ability to furnish you with deeper insights and keen analyses for more sound investments.

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Experience Makes the Difference

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